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Super Human Suit

Our goal is simple, to have a peaceful world without any fear. It does seem impossible, withthe terrorists and other disturbing elements to the mankind. So the best way to stop this has to be someone which has the force and intelligence to outmuscle and outwit any opponent. So here comes the Super-Human suit into picture. The world's most powerful person in the suit. This is a first of it's kind with state of the art technology, weapons,data analytics and intelligence. more

Under Water ROV

We make customised under water robots according to our client's requirement.Our robots can achieve a depth of 3000mtrs.It can make amazing videos and pictures with HD cameras.Now you can monitor and control your ROV from anywhere and watch all it's movements.Our ROV's are used in many applications like Science and Research,Broadcast media,Naval Security and much more. more

Home Automation

We live in a technological age,where everything starting from our phones to desktops to Televisions are smart.Now even are homes will be smart.Yes,we build smart home which are fully automated. Imagine lights,fans,electronics devices operating automatically without using anything!Not only that the climate control of the house according to the weather outside,the temperature control of your swimming pool,the automated garage and much more.We have solutions to make your house fully automated. Besides,we also provide state of the art more


We have a team of professionals having an experience of over 10 years.We design and build SCADA/HMI Panels software and hardware. We also offer cost effective PLC solutions.We have SCADA-PRO web studio in which all the designs can be simulated and tested.Even database can be stored and connected to various servers,it's a all in one solution for any SCADA/HMI Application. more

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