Smart Energy Control

Need for the need of Smart Energy Control

Energy Management

Energy Management in Buildings

  • Energy Monitoring: It will reduce energy use by 30%, reduce capital expenditures, decrease operating expenditures and improve overall business performance
  • A secured common user interface allows access providing seamless digital information and control across all building operational management systems.
  • A user can then define or scale the level of integration and operation required for their facility or campus with complete flexibility, in order to meet their desired business outcomes.
  • Lights, fans automatically turn on only when any person enters the room.
  • As you leave the office, automated lighting control will turns off and close specific lights and shades, adjust the heat or air conditioning, and activate your security system.
  • Automatically control lighting and appliances based on energy use and occupancy.

  • Drastically increase your energy efficiency.
  • Reduce the energy costs by remote monitoring and managing all large and small energy loads.
  • Monitor, which part gives most of the cost so that accordingly costs can be reduced.
  • Control your projector and be ready for a conference or meeting even if you are away from the office.
  • Keep a track of the office's energy use and cost.
  • Predict monthly energy usage and cost based on energy consumed.

  • Control your door locks by voice.
  • Automatically activates motion sensors and security cameras, turn on exterior night lights, close every blind, and automatically lock all the doors on closing the building.
  • Receive system notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when any person enters the building, if a medicine chest or liquor cabinet has been unlocked; or if a garage door has been left open.
  • Set preferences to limit your employee's access to specific chambers or rooms, sensitive data centers.
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