Semi-Conductor and Electronics


Many different materials are deposited on semiconductors that have different physical or electrical properties which is why reliability, process control, and reporting are important attributes for deposition processing due to the precision and detailed analysis's required. These qualities are important in order for semiconductors to choose batch parameters appropriately and then monitor the deposition rate and coating composition at a predictable degree of accuracy.

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Building up the layers and selectively removing them in very small areas is how the circuitry on the chips is created. SCADA-PRO Web Studio will connect to any database to record and control the level of doping ability for a semiconductor and monitor the input of materials. With a simple learning curve, SCADA-PRO makes it easy to update reports and requirements.

Residue Removal

SCADA-PRO Web Studio was designed with flexibility in mind. SCADA-PRO's ability to address issues such as challenges in removal of post residues from the deposition process will enable you to utilize an etching step for removal of such residues that are recessed into an under-lying surface.

Gas Monitoring

Requirements on acceptable levels of gas impurities have tightened in the manufacturing industry, resulting in a need for an application that will accurately monitor and set off a signal for these impurities. Semiconductors will likewise have to statistically validate the level of purity in the gases to meet the new industry standard. With SCADA-PRO Web Studio you can develop a custom analyzer for your applications to notify you of any changes to the level of gases.

Device Test

SCADA-PRO Web Studio generates a complete analysis on a semiconductor in a testing environment for all the information needed to ensure the device is working as intended. A visual screen monitoring system with sound alarms and access to PDA and web browsers fixes problems fast and reduces downtime. SCADA-PRO Web Studio can store manufacturing information into databases and provide dashboards and OEE reports indicating the efficiency of the system, which can be used as an important tool to pinpoint areas that can be modified to increase productivity.

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