Marine Bio-Diversity Protection and Detection from Invasive Marine Species

The increasing global environmental threat posed by the translocation of Invasive Marine Species (IMS) through bio fouling, has led to the increased need to survey incoming international vessels entering oceans near the countries.

By providing real time 1080p high definition footage to fisheries departments and independent scientists, we can provide an extremely high level of confidence of inspection of almost any sized vessel both in and out of ocean waters.

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This allows the inspecting scientists to make accurate decisions which in turn minimises costly mistakes. The nature of marine security means that we have to be able to mobilise immediately in response to potential IMS incursions, or to rapidly inspect the hull of a commercial ship for potential IMS of concern. By partnering with qualified IMS inspectors, we are prepared to go anywhere, anytime, to ensure that the job is done properly, and the threat of IMS incursions is mitigated. Being extremely compact and portable, means that we can be onsite with our specialised high definition ROV with hull attachment, as soon as the next flight.

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