Film and Documentary

We have inspection class ROV fitted with a High Definition 1080p Cameras for use in film and documentary. The high definition camera has been approved by both the Discovery Channel and the BBC and enables us to film in locations that can prove hazardous or even impossible for divers and underwater cameramen.

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Our custom designed ROV also comes with additional lighting modules that allow massive number of lumens to illuminate the subject with a perfect mix of colour temperatures for realistic vision.

Our specialized ROV has a depth rating of 300 meters and therefore can be used to film deeper parts of the ocean, with unlimited bottom times. We also carry fiber optic tether for state hard drive without any signal loss and can be transferred directly onto any computer for crystal clear transmission of uncompressed 1080p video. Footage is captured directly solid post production editing.


  • Extremely cost effective compared to other underwater filming techniques.
  • Efficient option for time-sensitive projects, using our experienced pilots and technicians
  • Zero risk analysis – ROV's offer an extremely safe alternative to the automatically "Hazardous" classification of commercial diving
  • Unlimited film time with no decompression or air supply restrictions
  • Greater depths achievable with an inspection class ROV (minimum 300m)
  • High Definition (1080p) broadcast quality Sony camera with video and stills capture
  • Able to operate in hazardous environmental conditions (marine predators, toxic algae, extreme temperatures, chemicals)
  • Easily mobilised to any location 1080p footage can be either captured "raw" or can be compressed using a variety of common Apple codecs
  • Import our captured footage directly into your video editing software such as Final Cut Pro.

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