Diving and Rescue Works

Our ROV's are for extremely useful for a diver who wants to extend the boundaries of underwater explorations. It reduces the risk of diving in a complicated places and hazard areas, it makes a preliminary survey of diving site. Also it helps to estimate visibility, make the examination of the underwater wrecks before diving and plan the dive tracks.

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Explore underwater flora and fauna like never before, to research and to see the organisms that inhabit in the inaccessible for scuba divers depths. With the help of our ROV's we make it very easy to make a monitoring and inspection of the natural surroundings of fish species you need. The risk for speleodivers can be minimized. Sensitive colour video camera and lights give the customers new abilities in minimum visibility and extreme conditions like diving in underwater caves, vugs or video recording at night or at depths. This opportunity is very useful especially for underwater archaeologists, explorers of wrecks or for those who are making underwater video.

Our ROVs are widely used for searching works and surveys of shipwrecks including potentially dangerous wrecks. Search of drowned equipment, weapons, ammunitions are more is now quick and easy. It is very effective in underwater archaeological researches and can be used for examinations mines as well.

Emergency Control Ministry of Russia uses widely ROVs for searching and inspection of underwater objects and subjects in The Baltic, Black, Krakow and Japanese seas. Above all these it examines sunken atomic submarine boats, dawned chemical ammunitions, flooded hard radio-active wastes, sunken ships with ordinary ammunitions and oil products.

Our ROVs are able to make a visual checkups and inspection, to define the type of object, to measure the level of damage and degree of potential danger for an environment and men.

Using ROVs considerably reduces the time that you spend on searching and rescue works. It gives an opportunity to look after an object without restriction for a long time and to execute a maximally overhaul of the object. It is able to work when there are bad environmental conditions, for example sea disturbance. ROVs can dive till the depth of 500 meters. Due to our small size it can get into hard-to-reach places. Also it is possible not only to get a video but also to measure parameters of examined object or territory. It increases the safety of divers. Operating is realized by a person from ship or from some other object, even underwater object. All those facts are very important because it increases the safety of divers. Using ROV's is more cost-effective than divers' labour especially on depth more than 100 meters.

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