Naval Inspection and Border Security

With our advanced and customized ROVs, border enforcement is greatly enhanced by being able to quickly and effectively utilise the high definition Camera, as well as Sonar and positioning systems for the following. it's features are high definatiion Cameras.

  • Surveillance of the coastline and waterfronts
  • Inspection of apprehended foreign vessels
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  • Risk assessment, compliance and search activities in relation to commercial vessels and pleasure craft entering and departing the regions.
  • Development and maintenance of Customs and Border Protection Marine Unit capability to support Enforcement and Border Protection Command operations
  • Investigations and prosecutions related to breaches of the border involving non-narcotic prohibited goods, import fraud and duty evasion and proceeds of crime under the Customs Act and other relevant Commonwealth legislation
  • Intelligence and targeting activities for the identification of goods of interest consistent with our requirements, as well as other law enforcement and national security requirements
  • Law enforcement strategy and Customs and Border Protection counter-terrorism coordination and  liaison.

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