Air Measurement

Requirements to monitor the air flow into and within a building have increased over the years with the IAQ requirements for minimum ventilation of occupied spaces. So we provide cost affective air measurement solution.

There are two methods by which air flow is measured within a duct:

  • Differential Pressure which has been available since the days of pneumatic control.
  • Thermal Dispersion which has been available about 10 years.

We have solutions for measuring, maintaining, and controlling air. Our airflow measuring products include:

  • Aluminium Differential Pressure probe with DPT
  • Assembly with Aluminium Differential Pressure probe, air straightener and DPT
  • Assembly with aluminium airfoil blade/aluminium frame damper, aluminium Differential Pressure probes, honeycomb aluminium air straightener, and galvanized steel sleeve (factory installed actuator optional)
  • Aluminium Thermal Dispersion Probe
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