City Wide Surveillance

The City-Eye is our IP video management system of the Security Center platform that provides organizations of all sizes the ability to deploy a surveillance system that truly matches their security needs. With support for a wide range of industry-leading cameras, encoders and CCTV equipment, City-Eye scales and adapts to the changing demands of your security department.

Video Surveillance Software (VSS)

The Hawk-Eye is the software which you can rely on. Count on the availability of live and recorded video whenever your team needs it. With multiple failover, redundancy and maintenance mechanisms built-in, you can depend on the Hawk-Eye VSS in your critical safety and surveillance operations.

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It comes with Network Authentication with protection from network failure and store videos on different physical locations or even on board cameras. It gives uninterrupted Live Video streaming even if the connection to the Client Servers gets lost. Automatic Upgrades to reduce downtime and cost of maintenance of VSS. Get Real Time Health Monitoring and Notification Improved Redundancy with decentralised recording and minimizing bandwidth usage with edge storage capabilities.

Manage Full HD Video Networking

The adoption of higher resolution, megapixel camera increases, so too does the need for intelligent video management software to optimize bandwidth consumption. City-Eye VSS provides industry-leading functionality that enables you to reduce bandwidth costs in order to grow your system of HD cameras without hesitation.

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It reduces Network Load with Optimum stream selection which calculates the most efficient routes between cameras and the client workstations. Customize Multi-Streaming for remote live recording and viewing for monitoring all the important locations at the same time. City-Eye is the logical long-term investment, providing a flexible and open architecture that ensures you can adapt to the evolving demands of your security department. Scale your system and implement new capabilities over time, while never being locked into a proprietary solution. Grow your system without any constraints. Add new cameras without disturbing the existing network.

Centralize Multi site operations

Security Center allows you to monitor remote independent sites as if they were part of a single virtual system, improving your overall operations and level of security.

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It is powered by an advanced architecture that synchronizes cameras, doors, intrusion panels, and all related events and alarms between sites in real-time and with no manual intervention. As a result, you no longer need to connect to each site individually or manually sync data between them, facilitating the management of multiple locations. Built to scale, Federation allows you to connect to hundreds or thousands of remote access control and/or video devices.

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