Wind Energy Solutions

Turbine Monitoring

SCADA-PRO Web Studio software brings you a powerful HMI/SCADA package that can monitor and adjust any operating set point in the controller or PLC. From single "small wind" applications to multiple "wind farms", SCADA-PRO Web Studio is scalable to meet your needs. Remote monitoring of key parameters such as power output, battery status, shaft vibration, pitch and yaw settings and break status.

Maintenance Assistance

Use SCADA-PRO Web Studio to send alarm conditions back to a home office or main control room. Information can be sent over any TCP/IP connection including radio modems, or even satellite connections. Automatically dispatch maintenance crews remotely without the need to call in for new assignments.

Control Room

Integrate wind forecast, anemometer readings and gust information into an easy to read graphical environment. Easily generate detailed reports in XML or PDF format. Collect information from thousands of points and visualize it in a trend format on screen or keep historical information in any SQL database.

Cost Effective

With SCADA-PRO Web Studio the features you need most are included: alarming, trending, email, remote web access (1 of each Thin Client License included with runtime license, up to 128 can be purchased separately), recipes, reports, over 240 drivers, OPC connectivity, Multi-Language, VBScript, database connectivity.

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