Air-handling Solutions

Our products include air-handling units, heating and cooling coils, variable-speed drives, fan-coil units, and unique air-distribution systems.

Custom Air Handling

  • Mass Customization � Delivers custom performance and flexibility, faster and more economically than previously possible.
  • Custom Performance � IAQ, energy, and acoustic performance like never before.
  • Custom Flexibility � Offers variable-aspect-ratio sizing, plus wide range of component / material choices.
  • Faster Delivery � Sophisticated computer engines speed the custom-manufacturing process.
  • Economical Price � More economical than other custom units because of computerized manufacturing and economies of scale.

Air Systems Designing

  • Simpler To Design � Dual-airway ceilings replace the branch ductwork, creating a ductless air-distribution system.
  • Faster To Construct � Using our air-distribution terminals means fewer scheduling overlaps and less crowding of ceiling mechanical space.
  • Less Expensive To Own & Operate � Lower capital costs, lower labor and material costs, lower operating costs, lower future costs, easy to maintain and reconfigure.

Electronic Variable Speed Drive

  • High Efficiency - Variable-speed control cuts air-handler energy costs up to 60%.
  • Dependable - The most quiet and reliable drive available.
  • Application Flexibility - Applicable to water pumps and cooling towers, too.
  • Easy To Operate - Digital display and soft-touch keypad offer easy operation and complete control.rebellion watches replica yo kai watch replica replica designer watches uk

Fan Coil Units (FCU) and Boiler Coil Units (BCU)


                                    Fan Coil Unit                                                                                     Boiler Coil Unit

Fan-Coil Units include: horizontal and vertical configurations; exposed and concealed cabinets; chilled-water and direct-expansion cooling; hot water, electric, and steam heating.

Larger-capacity blower-coil units are also available.

  • Horizontal, Low-Profile
  • Horizontal, High-Performance
  • Vertical
  • Vertical, Low-Profile
  • Vertical, High-Performance
  • Vertical, High-Rise
  • Blower-Coil Units, Horizontal & Vertical
  • Blower-Coil Units, Vertical, Reduced-Footprint

Cooling and Heating Coils

  • Wide Range - A broad selection of coils for hot-water or steam heating, and chilled-water or direct- expansion cooling.
  • Flexible - Material options include copper fins, stainless-steel casings, and phenolic coating.

Distribution System of Under Floor Air

We provide the industry's most comprehensive under-floor air distribution system.Our system addresses all the critical needs in today's work environment - energy efficiency, improved comfort, lower lifecycle cost, and better indoor air quality - through conditioned air supplied by under-floor air distribution.

  • Improved Comfort - Improve indoor air quality as clean, conditioned air is delivered directly into occupants' breathing zone, not forced through dirty return air at the ceiling.
  • Flexibility - If space utilization changes, move the air terminals anywhere on the raised floor for ultimate flexibility. The system is complete with easy "plug-and-play" connections for power and control.
  • Cost Competitive - All these benefits are available at a cost that is comparable to conventional systems.

Variable Air Volume Terminal

Capacity: 100 to 80,000 CFM

Variety of VAV terminal configurations:

  • Single-duct: standard and low-height
  • Series-flow: fan-powered, standard and low-height
  • Parallel-flow: fan-powered, standard and low-height
  • Heating options - Electric and hot water are available
  • Piping packages - Factory-assembled piping packages available
  • Control options - Control options include analog electric, pneumatic, and consigned DDC, all of which are factory-mounted.
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