Super Human Suit

Everyday there are some people, soldiers dying in terrorist attacks or violence. Be it in Ukraine, Syria, Egypt, Iraq or even in Kashmir, India. Constant enemy infiltrations of terrorists killing soldiers have become a routine. Consider the Nigerian kidnapping og the terrorist group Boko Haram, which has become a threat to peace and security to the mankind.

Imagine if we could have a single soldier to take care of the literally everything related to These infiltrations and stopping the bad guys. Yes, by this Superhuman Suit it can singlehandedly defeat an army of at least 20-30 people in initial stages. Further all it's movement sand actions can be tracked by a monitoring panel far off. This would further be a steppingstone in making a nation one of the most advanced superpower in the world. Terrorists and enemies would have to stop thinking about even planning an attack. Even if it gets into wrong hands there will be authentication and notification process by which the suit or amour can be destroyed. During fire outbreaks and natural disasters it can locate the people trapped or hostages and send the data for strategic operations and effectively eliminate the threats.

Super Human Suit

Solves the problem of terrorism by using just one person an entire group of terrorists can be eliminated. It can do it with 100% accuracy with data updates if at any Chance the person shot is still alive. The person doesn't need to fire the weapon, it just needs to lock multiple targets. Then the Auto-Aiming mechanism with PGF (Precision Guided Firearm) is used to automatically fire and kill the targets.

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It can also detect the enemies and get their map based location from the GIS (Geographical Information System).It can also detect the landmines placed by the enemies. Even if the Weather conditions are extreme, with darkness the Vision remains flawless. Even if the suit Falls into wrong hands there is a Monitoring Panel which will immediately get to know if the user has changed and self destruct the suit. The Monitoring panel gets all the activities Notifications from the suit so that it can keep a track of its activities. In this way, the Terrorists will have no chance and they'll fear us instead!

The biggest challenge for our competitors is to technically integrate all these features. Even to integrate it based on technical analysis is very tough and needs time. We have technically integrated with theoretically results for the prototype. Also it needs long research and testing time. We have been coordinated with the companies which would make the key components of the suit for the past 5 years and reached to the final prototype model. Another significant factor which differentiates us from others, is the cost of the weapons and some state of the art features like Auto-aiming which is very costly. So all in all, to make it cost-effective and efficient which makes us the pioneer for this sort of our patented technology.

  • Strongest and lightest AP(Armour Piercing) Bulletproof Armour which can withstand the strongest bullet.
  • Integrated automatic and miniaturized weapons like small machine guns, flame thrower, grenade launcher, and small missiles. These are small yet powerful enough to knock off enemies within a range of 30m for the guns.
  • Auto-aiming mechanism using first of its kind PGF(Precision Guided Firearm)to get
  • Maximum accuracy for weapons. This will eliminate the enemies in minimal time with maximum accuracy.
  • GIS(Geographical Information System) based data analytics to pin point the enemies location by building a geographical map and send simultaneously to the monitoring panel. So we can be upto date with each and every moment of the enemy.
  • Enemy Detection with Remote Sensing technology and Landmine detection in built by sensors. We can avoid traps and have a successful mission every time.
  • GPS based continuous location and data referencing with the monitoring panel.
  • Night vision in built which can function irrespective of extreme climatic conditions

Scope of the Market

Our customers would be people wanting safety and security to Defence organisations of the Nation, Security solutions for Industries and factories, Fire and Disaster Management Organizations.

The market size is huge, as every country wants to upgrade it's status as a superpower and Ensure their safety. This would be a revolutionary suite and the most powerful in the world Created up to now, it would be an asset for any country's defence sector. Just like drones in today's world are the most dangerous and powerful defence machine, this will be the future of defence and security of any nation and would capture the world's defence market in the near future.

The future looks very bright for this product as it would totally revolutionize the concept of security. This industry is research related and we are well ahead in that sector. Plus the competition is very less compared to other sectors due to the barriers to the entry. There would be perfection everywhere. The crime rates would drastically drop, it's like having many Superhero's to the rescue! Also it can help in getting location of the trapped victims during any disaster or fire outbreaks or similar manmade problems.

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