Smart Climate Control

For climate control we have all office areas and rooms are provided with advanced DDC controllers connected to the local area network.



  • Reduce costs – both initial investment and ongoing facility operational expenditures
  • Increase employee productivity Capitalize on long-term financial value
  • Create new revenue opportunities
  • Enhance building asset value
  • Improve the customer experience


  • Automatically turn off blower in the event of fire or other emergency
  • Control your thermostats by voice. 
  • The rooms, offices and other places in the building have temperature sensors which indicates the temperature
  • Monitor temperature, humidity, luminance and more from anywhere.
  • Automatically receive alerts or trigger events when temperature or humidity goes above or below specific levels.
  • Automatically control heating, cooling and ventilation based on changing temperature and humidity.
  • Automatically receive alerts or trigger automation events based on changing levels from any sensors.
  • Monitor and control thermostats even if the user is in a different room or place.
  • Program daily/weekly schedule.
  • Adjust thermostats remotely based on occupancy of room of the office

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