Intrusion Detection

Our security solutions integrate intrusion detection devices with your overall security network. Send intrusion alarms, create reports, and graphically view security incidents on the main workstation. Intrusion events can trigger automatic responses. For example, a glass-break alarm can cause a video feed to pop up on the workstation.

Get a complete security overview for :

  • Motion Detection
  • Arm/Disarm areas
  • Glass break
  • Digital Dialer Integration
  • Cabinet Tamper
  • Duress

Features :

  • Monitor and controls your door locks from anywhere in your office room.
  • Remotely allows access to your for contractors or repairmen
  • Automatically locks your doors based on occupancy status
  • Ensures that doors are closed before locking the all the rooms in the office.
  • Triggers automation events when door lock user codes are entered
  • Automatically unlocks your doors in the event of an emergency
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