Workspace Air Circulation Control

Our Circulated Air System is designed for offices with conditioned air supplied through conventional ceiling systems. Personal environments circulates and filters ambient air in each workspace, so the individual can control the amount and direction of air flow at the desktop.

Personal Environments also control task lighting, creates background noise and provides heat to the feet and legs. Individuals are free to concentrate on tasks, rather than worry about comfort problems or the quality of the environment. As comfort levels increase, you'll see productivity levels increase. Employees will be more satisfied on the job because they have greater personal control over working conditions. And you'll reduce demands on your building maintenance staff.

Components of a Circulated Air System

  1. User control unit- allows the individual to create a personal environment by selecting: air flow at the desktop, under-desk radiant heat, task light level and background noise. These features are monitored by an occupancy sensor. Control unit can be positioned on desktop or wall panel utility rail.
  2. Two diffusers- distribute desired level of air flow at the desktop. Can be horizontally and vertically adjusted.
  3. Telescoping ducts- provide installation flexibility.
  4. Fan and electronic unit- serves as a single power source. All components connect to it, so unit only requires a single utility outlet. Occupancy sensor shuts off power automatically for energy savings. Network option available.
  5. Filters- reduce airborne contaminants. Filter options available.
  6. Optional radiant heat panel- provides ample heat for legs and feet. Low power and low surface temperature panel can be positioned as needed.
  7. Occupancy sensor- also controls two task lights: one ON/OFF and one dimming. Lighting options: incandescent, halogen or fluorescent.
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