LPR Based Vehicle Surveillance and Tracking

Follower is a comprehensive LPR solution where sophisticated LPR cameras work in tandem with in-vehicle and back-office software so you achieve the best results. The LPR cameras are designed to provide the most accurate plate reads every shift, more plate reads in bad weather, or at poor angles, and even at high speeds.

The Tracker is the intuitive in-vehicle control interface that provides easily accessible features to officers onboard, and allows them to monitor incoming reads from LPR cameras. Security Centre is our security platform that provides real-time monitoring of Follower events, alarm management, as well as advanced data-mining and reporting capabilities.

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Follower provides law enforcement agencies with the most accurate and reliable LPR system in the industry, identifying license plates, cross-referencing multiple wanted vehicle lists, and supporting criminal investigations. The end result is a true increase in the overall level of security around schools and neighbourhoods.

Follower, the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system of Security Center on our security platform provides officers the most accurate and reliable LPR system in the industry, ensuring that thousands of plates can be read effortlessly during each shift .Available as both fixed and mobile camera systems, Follower has been engineered, tested, and proven to meet the demands of law enforcement applications.

By combining state-of-the-art IP-based LPR cameras and advanced software features, Follower provides officers with the best possible match of every license plate, maximizing wanted-vehicle identification within databases of vehicles of interest. Get Real-Time LPR Updates IP-based, users get real-time surveillance and plate identification, while officers can also monitor the live update of LPR information using the Security Center . Cities and police agencies can manage and monitor their LPR and video surveillance within Security Center to generate consolidated reports and centralize alarm management.

Cloud Hosted Services Speed up the deployment of your mobile LPR system and free up your IT resources. With Our Follower Managed Services option, experienced technicians configure your system ahead of deployment and handle maintenance and updates for you.

Advanced Reporting and Notification : Highly-intuitive reports and data-mining features provide operators with added flexibility, allowing them to filter results based on date, time, patrolling unit, hotlist or area, and more. Daily usage statistics and logon reports can also be queried.

Key Features

  • Fuzzy matching feature enhances verification within Follower to ensure that even if a read is imperfect, you are still getting the best possible matches of every license plate to the database of vehicles of interest.
  • In-vehicle mapping provides you an easier method to not only visualize the location of a read but also generates a specific location such as a street address.
  • Wildcard hotlist allows you identify a suspect vehicle when only partial license plate numbers are available.
  • Covert hotlists provide discretion in a special operation, alerting only the authorized officer at the Security Center station of a hit, and not the in-vehicle Tracker.
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