Automation Solutions

We offer end to end SCADA solutions for power train to full assembly, Industrial Automation machines in Press, Packaging, and Painting etc.

Power train

The SCADA-PRO Web Studio SCADA HMI software for the automotive industry features important technology like logistics monitoring. In addition, production monitoring is possible on large screens, with resolutions as high as 10,000 x 10,000 to support video walls. We use the SCADA-PRO Web Studio SCADA software to monitor line status for blocked or starved conditions or any possible line faults. Create high visibility displays using contrasting colors. With SCADA-PRO, create modular screen layouts for common look and feel that allow operators to move from station to station and are instantly aware of familiar layouts.

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Use Web Thin Clients to remotely view status from any office environment, or collect data from online or offline gauging systems, balancing, nut runners and leak test equipment.

Stamping and Press Automation

Use SCADA-PRO Web Studio as stamping and press automation SCADA software to incorporate an animation that visually shows the position of any die or conveyor system. You can use SCADA-PRO Web Studio to monitor, or even interface directly with the motion control systems and drives. Our automotive SCADA software will integrate seamlessly with the PLCs and sensors in the stamping machine or die.

Automotive Paint Shop

Automated vehicle painting can also be accomplished using SCADA-PRO Web Studio. For example, paint shops using mobile devices like Smart phones can stay flexible and enhance productivity by monitoring machines on the go, or while moving through the facility. IWS can integrate with vision systems and databases for full component tracking.

Automotive Assembly

SCADA-PRO Web Studio SCADA HMI software can be employed to use animations to show overhead and in-floor conveyers and robots in intricate detail. You can also track and log bar codes, 2D matrix codes, and RFID information. Use the built-in configuration to link to MES and ERP systems, including SAP and any SQL database. Over 240 drivers built into the software can share data between devices from different manufacturers. In addition, low power displays on Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) can be employed using the SCADA software tools that are available out of the box.

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