Environment Control

Putting people in control of their environment is a proven way to increase productivity. More and more companies are recognizing that even the most worker-friendly office design may be wasted if the employee can't control the environment to his or her liking.

Environment Control places the control of critical environmental conditions at the fingertips of each individual. An easy-to-use desktop control unit gives each person the flexibility to adjust temperature, lighting, air flow and acoustic characteristics as often as necessary to maintain personal comfort levels. So instead of a source of frustration, the workspace environment becomes a tool for productivity.

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Unlike conventional systems that may fail to distribute air uniformly, Personal Environments deliver conditioned air directly to workstations for total ventilation efficiency. All air entering the space is automatically and continually cleaned through an advanced filter. This combination of positive air flow and filtration helps improve indoor air quality. Our Personal Environments Supplied Air Systems are incorporated into the building's HVAC design. These systems can be easily installed in raised floor applications. Or then can be installed where ceiling/wall duct systems supply conditioned air.

Our Personal Environments Circulated Air Systems can be installed with existing HVAC systems. So it's easy to retrofit open offices with Personal Environments.


  • Allows an individual to create an ideal work environment.
  • Controls temperature, air flow, lighting & acoustic levels.
  • Integrates with interior systems and networks.
  • Improves indoor air quality.
  • Reduces energy usage.
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