Surveillance Spy Robot

Our SpyBot uses state of the art technology from light sensors to LIDARS to optical encoders. It has a modernised structure specially designed by robotics experts so that it is straightforward to put together. From mobility to sensing and covert communication system.


  • Patrol the surrounding with sharp camera–eye using LIDAR's by detecting objects or following people by scanning infrared
  • Night Vision Capability due to High intensity infrared LED's to see in the dark.
  • Send images, video and data captured to the server wirelessly
  • Easy control by a computer or a PDA through Wireless Network from anywhere in the world by PC or smart phone.
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  • Intelligent sensor controlled wheels for mobility and advanced control in all directions with miniature size.
  • Conceal in camouflage without attracting attention using Light Sensors to avoid light.
  • It is controlled by radio handset and headset also.
  • Map and navigate through places.
  • It lets you make calls on Internet by VoIP function.
  • Auto return to it's charging station when the battery is low.
  • It can be connected in local mode: Control SpyBot from Home using Wifilink. Control SpyBot using Internet and our registered software from anywhere in the world.


  • Military reconnaissance mission
  • Wireless security and surveillance in hot spots
  • Search and rescue operation
  • Manoeuvring in hazardous environment
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