Pipeline and Oil- Gas Platforms

Our ROV's are widely for surveys of underwater pipelines, inspections of underwater parts of oil platforms. It is a perfect choice for investigation the area of oil or gas accumulations. In low-visibility conditions it is very effective to use LYYN T38 that improves the quality of real-time video or stored material by making it more clear, sharp, bright and colourful.

Asset Tracking and Data Monitoring with Visualization.

This ROV design is used to provide tooling and sensors for jobs to either support a commercial dive team with pre or post dive inspections, or alternatively, to complete the project itself where the depth or environmental conditions prove hazardous to commercial divers.

Its features are:

  • GIS Data Analytics online and Risk Reporting Integration
  • 4D Navigation data integration
  • Compare video and telemetry from operations with split map functionality
  • Supports mobile device (iPhone/iPad) viewing
  • Provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) that synchronizes real-time operations
  • Optimize tactical responses in emergency scenarios.
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  • Risk reports for assets.
  • Reports asset status changes over time
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